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Montreal, Canada
Montreal (Source: Wikipedia)

MeKaRo (Mez-Kanada Renkontiĝo de Esperanto), is a meeting of Esperanto speakers mainly from Quebec and Ontario, which takes place every year during the long weekend of National Patriots’ Day (Journée nationale des patriotes) in May. It is a tourist and social weekend. Usually you walk quite a lot and visit museums or important historical places. Let’s not forget to also mention that there is usually an evening program as well!

It takes place alternately in Quebec and Ontario, each time in a different city. It is attended by many people from both provinces but also by many Americans.

This time MeKaRo will be held in Montreal. A colorful program awaits you, with a visit to the Biodôme, city tours and even an exclusive post-congress walk to the cemetery of Zamenhof’s relatives, with the story of the Master’s visit to Montreal. We hope to see you there!

Eventa Servo: https://eventaservo.org/e/74e4e0

Meeting place

The evening program will take place in a room of the Center Saint-Pierre meeting place, whose address is: 1212 rue Panet, Montréal, QC H2L 2Y7

Center Saint-Pierre is next to the Beaudry metro station, in the city center.

Accommodation options

Accommodations will not be arranged. Everyone will therefore have to arrange their own accommodation. It will be convenient to live in the city center, but not only, especially if you choose a place to live near a metro station. The metro will quickly and comfortably bring you to the city center, but also to other parts of the city if necessary for certain programs (e.g. Biodôme).

In-city transport

It is also possible to use a car, but in many streets, the city charges for parking – but not everywhere. Pay attention to the street signs, parking rules are sometimes a bit complicated! If possible, it is therefore recommended to leave the car in, for example, a hotel parking lot, and walk and/or use a public system. It’s part of the Montreal experience.

Information about metro and buses in Montreal: STM.info

Montreal is also an easy city for cyclists and pedestrians. It is easy to rent bicycles from the “Bixi” network.

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